Professional Body Waxing

It was decided long ago that all hair was male! That’s why it grows where we don’t want it to grow and it doesn’t grow where we do want it to grow! Explains a lot, doesn’t it? Because of this, we, women have been battling with unwanted hair for centuries! The Egyptians were the first to remove their body hair with a method now commonly known as waxing. We’ve all seen this barbaric torture on television, who could forget the Forty-Year Old Virgin? But is that what it’s really like? No, of course not. That’s all drama, made for our entertainment. So, let’s discuss what body waxing is so you’ll know what to expect on your first visit. 

What is body waxing?

Body waxing is a form of depilation or the removal of hair by the root. Why do we want to do this? If we remove the hair by the root, then we have beautiful, smooth, silky, hairless skin for a longer period, up to 4 - 6 weeks! 

To Shave or Not to Shave? That’s a Good Question!

The main difference between waxing and shaving is that shaving only removes the hair from the surface. Below the surface is another 1/4 to 1/2 inch of mature hair. To complicate matters, every time you cut your hair, it goes through a growth spurt. Our hair has cell memory, it knows how long it should be. For instance, if you never shaved the hair on your legs, how long would it grow? Only 2-3 inches max! But the hair on our heads and men's faces will grow to an undetermined length. We cut it, it grows, we cut it again, it grows faster...and faster... and faster! Oh Lord! Shaving also comes with some unappealing side effects, like razor burn, ingrown hairs, and don’t even mention the itching!! 

The Different Types of Wax

Yes, there are different types of wax. Soft wax, hard wax, and sugar wax. Soft wax is the most common and is what we generally see on TV. We smooth on the warm wax, place a strip of cloth on top, and rip it off! Though very effective, soft wax does have its drawbacks. For one, it’s very sticky and tends to cause some skin irritation when not used properly. But it’s fairly inexpensive and allows us to wax very quickly saving time and money for the client.

Hard wax, though more expensive, is excellent for use in the more sensitive areas, such as the bikini and underarms. Hard wax is just that, hard. Okay it actually gets hard when it dries. We smooth on the warm wax and let it dry. As it dries, it turns hard, encapsulating the hair in its hardness. Because it hardens, it also lifts from the skin as it dries. No strips necessary here, we just flip up the edge and pull the strip free, removing the hair beneath. It’s not sticky, causes very little, if any skin irritation and doesn’t interfere with lymphatic flow!


Does it hurt?

We’re not going to say it doesn’t hurt, after all we are pulling your hair out. But we need to remember that everyone is different and we all have different reactions to the same experience.


Before Your Appointment

There are a few things you can do before your appointment to help lessen the discomfort. One is to avoid caffeine. Caffeine is a skin stimulant. It gets your nerves up and dancing and ready to feel everything! Some people also find taking an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Motrin half an hour before their appointment quite useful. But that is strictly up to you and your current health condition. Other than that, I'll take care of the rest!


After Your Appointment

After waxing, you’ll want to avoid anything that can cause further skin irritation, like sunbathing, tanning, and extreme temperatures like hot tubs or even ice packs. And since we live in Chico, no tubing or jumping into the river! But showering is fine as long as the temperature is not too hot. But not to worry, once any irritation is gone, you can resume all activities!

When the Hair Grows Back

We always explain to our clients that hair grows like trees. A sapling is not only short, but its trunk is also very small in diameter. As the tree grows taller, its trunk grows in width. So, does our hair. A shaved hair, for instance, could really be several years old in width, so as it grows in length, it’s very dark and coarse. But when we wax, our bodies have to produce a brand-new baby hair. As it grows in, it’s very fine and thin. The light can shine through it so it appears lighter in color.  It’s also tapered at the end so it won't cause itching! And let us tell you, waxing these new baby hairs is a snap! The first time you wax will be the most uncomfortable, but after that, you’re home free! Believe us, it's much easier to pull out a sapling than a big old oak tree!