Your Safety Is Important

When it comes to top-quality service, cleanliness and safety are our main concerns. At Chico Brazilian at Waxy Kathy, our private rooms are cleaned and reset for each client. Our tables are covered in not only clean linen sheets and towels but also disposable paper sheets for more personal services.

Every client is provided with a sanitary maintenance area. This is where we keep the clean instruments that will be used during your service such as tweezers, cotton pads, spatulas, and waxing strips. We will also have a working maintenance area where we will place dirty items or items that have already been used during your service, like used wax and waxing strips.

Every precaution is taken during our services to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from one client to another. Most of our implements are disposable and are thrown away after each service. Those items that are not disposable, such as tweezers, are sanitized using the guidelines established by the State of California after every use.

When it comes to waxing, most technicians work out of a common wax pot where the same pot of wax is used for all clients. At Chico Brazilian at Waxy Kathy, we have developed a method where each client receives their own individual pot of wax and that wax is not shared with any other client. In fact, if there is any wax left in your pot, that wax is disposed of after your service. This method of waxing insures our clients that there is no possible way for bacteria or disease to spread from one person to another.

At Chico Brazilian at Waxy Kathy, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent services in a clean and safe environment. Your health, safety, and happiness are our main concern. 

We look forward to serving you soon!